Talks and presentations

Test Driven Development

May 06, 2020

Talk, Zoom, Online talk

This talk is an introduction to TDD. I presented what is TDD, the three laws of TDD, why it is helpful, and how to use it. In the talk, I also presented a demo by solving the Roman Numerals Code Kata using TDD.

Clean Code

April 18, 2019

Talk, ΟΚ!Τhess, Thessaloniki, Greece

Anyone can write code a computer can understand, but professional developers write code “humans” can understand. Clean code enables software to be more readable, testable and maintainable. In this session, I will discuss some of the best practices of how to write clean code with some simple coding examples and I will explain why writing clean code will make you a better developer in general. The talk is inspired from the book called “Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship” from Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob).